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Some of the Parts

1.     Get Real (Dream a Little...)
2.     I M OK U R OK
3.     Mona Lisa Smiles
4.     Love at Stake
5.     Tonight (I Don’t Need You)
6.     Snowbound
7.     Coming Home
8.     Keep Falling in Love
9.     No Harm
10.Way Back When
11.Half a Lifetime
Get Real
Chorus:      I say, “Dream a little dream”
            “To thine own self be true”
                      “Days like these” I'll “change the world”
            The future lies with you
The world's out there waiting the canvas is all clean
So paint yourself a picture make it bleak or make it green
All this talk of fate and destiny how we have no more control
The devil made me do it--God forgive my holy soul
          You say, “Give me something to believe in.”
I tell you just believe in yourself
You say to me, “Show me the way”
I say get a life - you've got your health
Set it down with pen and paper and your dreams you'll soon fulfill
Go about them with conviction Faith & Heart & Head & Will
We're all out here waiting, hoping you'll pull through
To send the darkness skating to make the skies turn blue
You say, “I'm drowning in the sea”
I say you haven't tried to swim
You say, “Who wants to live forever”
I say hey you can't give in
We're playin' games, sneakin' round each other
We come so close, but never really touch
Are we really speaking, are we listening to our brother?
Why does it mean so little, when it could mean so much?
Everybody's doin' fine except yourself
We never say what's really wrong
But if we admit to weakness,
How can that make us feel strong?
            I'M OK, U'R OK
            I Mock and You Rock
Well, I'm not all okay, I know that you're not either
You don't have to be superhuman
Let it out, please tell me, trust me with the truth
I really care about how you' been doin'
Don't ask me how I'm doin' if you don't want to hear
Just smile at me, say “Hi” and walk away
If you're feelin' out of it, don't tell me you're all right
Cause if you do there's nothing I can say, but okay.
            Chorus . . . I mock and you walk
Mona Lisa Smiles
When you paint me in a picture, are you really seeing me
Or just the forms and shapes that only artists see?
When your hands caress and move the clay to make and mold your mark
Are you seeing me, or am I just the match that set the spark?
When I put my pen to paper the faces that I see
Are the people that I know so well and how they seem to me
When I write them into stories the pictures always change
So that when I'm finished they are strangers in the game
            I know why Mona Lisa smiles, Leonardo painting her
            The laughter in her eyes
            She tries to imagine someone else, some other place
            Looking at a picture of her face
Do you know what you are seeking when you stir and mix the paints?
Or is it by some insight, some commune with the saints
That you come to find the colors of my eyes reflect my heart?
Are you seeing me, or am I just the match that set the spark?
            I know why Mona Lisa smiles seeing you with pen in hand
            The artist in your eyes
            I try to imagine someone else, some other place
            Looking at a picture of my face
                        Repeat Chorus
            Staring at a canvas
            Captured by a portrait of my face
Love at Stake
Over your shoulder the pink sky's light reflected on the water
Warm summer breezes brush your hair aside as I wonder 'bout the things we said
Pre-C. No, I can't offer you a no hurt guarantee
              The chances are the same on either side
              Along with pleasure there may be pain
              It simply shows that we're alive
Chorus           Isn't a moment of freely given love
                        Worth the time it takes
                        Then if it's over, at least that moment
                        Was worth the love at stake. . . Love at stake
Golden moon floating, large and low, lazy sounds of laughter on the wind
I pull you closer, your lips meet mine, I wonder how this is a sin
Over your shoulder the pale moonlight, reflecting on the water in our eyes
Cool evening breezes brush your hair aside as you walk away into the night
            Please don't walk away into the night
Tonight (I don't need you)
Well, the sea was warm on a Saturday night
My body's burnin' and feels alright
You're not here but I'm not alone
There are many girls who would gladly take me home
It's alright, it's alright
I don't need you tonight
I don't need you
It's alright, it's alright
I don't need you tonight
There's a bonfire on the beach
Not much to say no one speaks
Before you left I thought I'd die
Now you're gone and I'm wondering why
You were my girl for so many years
They weren't wasted as I'd feared
But now it's over done and through
I must learn to now live without you
As I walk through the snow, wither I go
Thoughts bounce around inside of my head
The wind's blowin' cold, it cuts to my soul
And I know I probably walk to my death
I slip and I fall, no telling how far
Or how much more of this I can take
In the distance I hear a call, time stumbles and stops
With the hands of the clock surely frozen in place
            Through the terrible tempest
            The wind blows me to you
            You appear like an angel
            A light to guide me through
            I know you, yet you are a stranger
            And there's nowhere left to turn
            I know you can feel the danger
            And the beat of my heart as it burns
I hold you so near, and I feel your fear
Oh, can we make it through the night?
Our heat we can share, how much more can we bear?
There is no tunnel that ends in a light

Coming Home
As the noise of other occupants assaults my ears
I sit down to write a letter to you my dear
Through the mess of my confusion and the daily fear
I wait to see you . . . I'm coming home
Out the door I hear a scuffle and an upraised voice
I cannot shut it out; I've got no choice
The violence that will follow turning men to boys
As I wait to see you . . . I'm coming home
Coming home to you's the only thing that keeps me whole
Every sunrise brings me closer to the day I leave this hole
But it still seems like forever that I've played this role
And I cannot wait to see you . . . I'm coming home
I know that you don't care about the politics
But, make no deals for my freedom don't give in to any tricks
As Teddy said walk softly but carry a big stick
Still I cannot wait to see you . . . I'm coming home
Coming home . . .                   . . . Coming home 
I cannot wait to see    
Coming home . . .         . . . Coming home    
The apples on the trees    
Coming home . . .         . . . Coming home             
You're waiting there for me
You're waiting just to see me coming home .
If this letter makes it through know that I'm hanging on
Tell the children that I love them and I'm coming home
It cannot be too long now all their power's gone
Soon I know I'll see you . . . I'm coming home
They're coming now to get me to send me home to you
Now the wait is finally over all my dreams come true
As the cameras swing the lights find me a bullet finds me too
Now I know that I will see you . . . I'm coming home
As they wheel me off the airplane into the waiting crowds
The army band strikes up a tune and rifles fire loud
My family is just standing there, they're trying to look proud
As I come to see you . . . I'm coming home
The flag draped on the casket reminds the milling throngs
That the principles of freedom must be kept strong
So if they want to honor me tell them to carry on
And you know I'll always be . . . Coming home
Keep Falling in Love
You ask me how I keep on going
You want to know what makes me tick
An old man gave me this secret
For me it's always done the trick
He told me one day, there's only one way
To live your life and keep your smile
You've got to wake up every morning
And fall in love by midnight
            Keep falling in love
            You don't have to say
            You don't have to explain
            Just do it everyday
He said for some it's kind of funny
It's someone different everyday
But for me he said and smiled
That ain't the better way
Someday's I fall in love with sunshine
Someday's I fall in love with rain
But most days I fall in love with this woman next to me
Over and over and over again
            Keep falling in love
No Harm
Don't lose touch you said right before you went away
And I haven't seen you since then
The blame can't all be laid on you
Cause I did things the same
I tried to call, but hung up the phone
Why can't I face you?  Who knows?
Same old story, same old game
That's just the way it goes
            Why do we wait; 'til it's been too long
            As time keeps rolling and we keep moving on
            If you're out there, if you hear this song
            Please believe me I meant no harm
This country we live in, this meritocracy
Where'd they go?  Our communities?
Stand up and yell at the top of your voice
Is this the way it must be?
Power to the people, or are those only words?
Do we get what we deserve?
We quit the fight, became what we hate
What master do we serve?
            Why do we wait?  We've waited much too long
            As time keeps going and we keep moving on
            Yes we're out here, please hear this song
            Don't let them tell you, “We meant you no harm.
Way Back When
I don't remember what it was that made me think of you
But I did and now it comes back to follow through
The memories flood back to me, back to me in a rush
Walkin' in the rain, can you hear the hush
Of a thousand people watching us to catch a clue
Of what life is like when the love is true... Whoa, ho
            That's the time when time froze
            You and me together holdin' close
            We can always go back to the times way back when
            And remember the times
            And the feelings we knew
            As we drift back in time to the time way back when
            Way back when, way back when, way back when
Hand in hand together we wandered through the clouds
Walkin' through forever we shouted strong and loud
To the heavens high above and the heavens they did shake
'Til the happiness receded and we wondered half awake
If the crowds of thousands gathered just to see us say our vows
Or if they looked back in sorrow knowing where we'd be now      
Why'd it have to end in the falling of the rain?
We gave each other happiness, but followed it with pain
As the sun sears the clouds before it slips out of sight
We burned each others hearts on that one lonely night
If the thousands that watched us knew what we would do
Couldn't they have told us, couldn't they've given us the truth     
            Way back when, way back when
            In our minds we go back to the way things were then          
            Way back when, way back when

Half a Lifetime
Chorus 1      It was half a lifetime ago
                        The last time you whispered my name
                        Half a lifetime ago
                        And I still feel the same
I remember the first day I met you, summer 1949
That day, I knew we’d marry; for you it took some time
The next ten years filled with happiness
More than my life’s ever known
Everyday since then I’ve missed you
Still can’t believe you’re gone
Chorus 2      It was half a lifetime ago
                        The last time I looked in your eyes
                        Half a lifetime ago
                        It’s a wonder that I survived
Your daughter’s now a woman; she looks a lot like you
She’s got your eyes; she’s got your smile
But she’s got your pride, too
I tried to raise her decent, taught her right from wrong
Maybe I did it too well, ‘cause she’s nothing less than headstrong
Chorus 3      It was half a lifetime ago
                        Someday my life here will end
                        Half a lifetime ago
                        On that day I’ll see you again
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